Urgent - Short Notice

We offer the best possible "Urgent" Light Haulage services at very competitive prices. With well maintained vehicles available we can transport small loads or anything up to 1500kg. 4 standard pallets or 5 Euro pallets at any one time, the choice is yours, all at very short notice. 

 Also available is our reliable drop side pickup truck for those loads not suitable for panel vehicles.


We hold up to date Airport Security certificates and are therefore able to offer collections and deliveries from & to all major airports including SPX goods.


We also hold the ADR Hazardous goods licence and therefore can provide a safe, reliable service for any one with the need to get their ‘Hazardous’ goods to their destination safely.


So if you need to get your goods collected / delivered within a tight time scale why not give us a ring.

Should you require any further information please feel free to ask and we will be happy to help.


For immediate personal service ring Peter Hill 0796 792 3212.